Private Lives

By September 8, 2016Past Events

Private Lives

by Noël Coward

A 20th Century Comedic Masterpiece

Love, lust, passion, romance, hatred, hilarity, betrayal and genius wit set the stage for a champagne-fuelled battle of the sexes!

Razor-sharp wit and sparkling dialogue fly in Private Lives – Noël Coward’s most popular and enduring stage comedy.

Glamorous aristocratic divorcees, Amanda and Elyot, haven’t seen each other in years.  So when they find themselves honeymooning with their new spouses at the same time and in the same French hotel in adjacent suites – they get the shock of their lives!  Ditching their jilted spouses, the divorcees run off together – and thus begins one of the 20th century’s most beloved comedies.

Noel Coward’s best loved and internationally-acclaimed, legendary comedy, Private Lives.

This explosive production proves Noël Coward has the power to thrill, provoke, delight and hold the audience in stitches.

The timeless battle-of-the-sexes comedic romp!

The incomparable Noel Coward’s genius play, Private Lives is sophisticated, urbane, and as hilariously catty as they come.

Noël Coward wrote his sophisticated comedy of manners in just four days.

Witty, fast-paced, full of razor sharp dialogue, the play marked the peak of his comic prowess.

one of the world’ most most popular comedies

a comedic masterpiece

a comic masterpiece from the most popular comedic genius of the 20th century

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