Panto is a community production made possible by volunteers; the actors are split into two casts that are divided by speaking roles and chorus members who mainly sing & dance. Rehearsals are 3 times a week but you should only be needed 2 times in a week depending on the schedule. Singing & Dancing is done Sunday’s 12-5pm and Scene work on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 7-10pm.

A schedule is sent out well in advance explaining in detail who is needed on what days & at what times, you are expected to be at all rehearsals. This schedule MAY change at any time but we will give as much notice as possible!

Auditions will be held at the Wyman Memorial Church (513 Rue Main, Hudson) on August 23 & 24 and at the Shaar Community Centre (394 Main, Hudson) on August 25. These will be group auditions (approximately 15 participants per session). Everyone will be asked to sing a short chorus & verse of a song of their choice. We will then read through different scenes of the play so the director can see people in different characters.

Once you have submitted your form you will be contacted with your confirmed audition time.

List of Characters:

Barely Godmother/Fairy Godmother
Queen Elvira – The Villain
Magic Mirror/Festuvious
Nelly – Snow White’s Guardian and Friend, Village Baker (not a very good one!) and the Dame
Stewie – Nelly’s son. Always ready to help and always loving Snow White.
Snow White – Ridiculously kind and beautiful and Principal Girl
Lounge Singer
Prince – Bit of a twit and Principal Boy
Chief Woodsman – Rough, tough and loyal but essentially kind-hearted.
The Seven Dwarves (kids and adults, all shapes and sizes!):

Bilbo Baggins – Cameo part
Naked Pete – Cameo part
Court Historian – Cameo part.
Chorus (8): Servants, Villagers, Guards, Forest Animals, cherubs and more.

You can also email the Audition Form To Our Stage Manager.

Audition Form

*(Please note almost all communication will be via email, please let us know if this will be a problem for you.)

If under 18; Please provide your age

Parent’s name:

*(Please note: Children under 12 may require adult supervision during rehearsal times.)

Other Activities: Please let us know what other activities you will be taking part in this year.

Show Availability:
Please let us know of any dates you are unable for or any possible commitments that you may have during show time as you are expected to do half the shows (11 out of 22). We must have these dates in writing on this form so we can properly consider when casting or else if casted, you risk losing your role.

Pledge of Commitment:
Panto is a lot of fun, but also a serious commitment; it takes a lot of volunteers to make this magic happen & missing too many rehearsals lets the whole team down. Please carefully consider if you have the time to commit before accepting a role if one is offered. There are limited roles and we expect an attendance record of 75% or more, November 1st the production team will discuss recasting any roles if we feel a lack of commitment.

AUDITION TIME: Please label your first choice & second choices. Auditions will be held at Wyman Church (513 Main, Hudson) on August 24 and at the Shaar Community Centre on August 25 (394 Main, Hudson).
First Choice

Second Choices

Please provide a Headshot (Acceptable formats :jpg|jpeg|pdf|png)