‘The Briefcase Dance’ Workshop

February 26th 2017
Family Entertainment
$20 Tax Included

‘The Briefcase Dance’ Workshop

As a part of our Josh Oskrdal’s Children’s Series, The Hudson Village Theatre is proud to Welcome Kerwin Barrington’s Workshop called, ‘The Briefcase Dance’

The Briefcase Dance is a 41/2 minute dance piece created by Kerwin Barrington.

In this full day workshop participants will learn about rhythm and form by practising dance phrases from the original piece. They will then explore and become familiar with the prop of a briefcase through authentic movement and play.

Next, they will be encouraged to reveal different ways of expressing their personality and individuality through improvisation with the intention of building their own solo dance that will later fit inside the choreography.  They will investigate questions such as:  What is my signature way of moving? What makes me different? What makes us the same? How can I stand out? How can I blend in?

Finally, they will put it all together and embody the character of “the everyday business man”, performing in full costume on a professional stage for invited guests.

Because this workshop is without focus on a specific style, the dancers can “try on” different ways of expressing themselves and have a chance to discover and accent what makes them shine within an ensemble.

Age group: 10+