Arts Alive 2018

May 31st 2018 to June 3rd 2018
Arts Alive

Arts Alive 2018

Arts Alive 2018 @ Hudson Village Theatre

Hudson Village Theatre is a proud participant in the Arts Alive 2018 Festival. Throughout the summer, multiple communities will stage mini-festivals where artistic events will be seen, heard, touched and experienced.

See below for events taking place at HVT.

Arts Alive 2018 Events Happening Around Hudson

Sunday MAY 27,  7:00PM | Chateau du Lac, 460 Main | $10

The HMF Heptep
with vocalists Morgan Weinmeister and Ian Lebrofsky

The “HMF Heptet” is an initiative of Blair MacKay, well-known Canadian percussionist, and Hudson Music Festival Artistic Director, to create a musical group based here in Hudson The Heptet features a varied group of musicians drawing on a wide range of influences, many years of musical performance and includes some of the stalwarts of the local Hudson scene: Tim Walsh, guitar, Geoff Mitchell on piano, Stewart Gunyon, Andrew Skowronski on tenor sax and Nic Di Lauro on trumpet.

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Saturday JUNE 2,  12:30PM & 2:30PM | 2 Barn Owls, 420 Main | $20

Natural Centerpiece Creation with Nancy Jane Farnum & Mavis Elisabeth Martin

Participants will be supplied with a handcrafted cement vessel in which to design their centrepiece. Materials will be placed on a long table so that participants may pick design elements of their choice such as branches, moss, shells, dried organic matter, etc…

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Sunday JUNE 3, 1PM | Greenwood Centre, 254 Main |

A Garden Party

Come to Greenwood’s official Summer opening and Member’s Day. There will be live music presented by Karen Cromar, Glen Bowser & Dan Gallant.
Greenwood Centre for Living History is not your typical museum. This dynamic historical property will capture your imagination as you learn about the five generations of one family who called Greenwood “home”.

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Saturday JUNE 2, 11AM | Wyman Church Lawn, 513 Main | Free

Illustration Exhibition with Jane Wright
& Joanna Olson

Jane Wright will show how her interest in ‘light, colour and transparency’ manifests in her work and techniques through watercolour, alcohol ink and fused glass. Joanna Olson will illustrate the techniques she has developed to create her elegant art journals which evolve into works of art in their own right.

Saturday JUNE 2, 10AM & 2PM
Sunday JUNE 3, 11AM & 2PM | Gallerie Plus, 448 Main | Free

Fine Craft Making

Saturday with Phyllis Sprigs (stitching) & Carol Outram (felt making)
Sunday with Joanna Olson (paper mobiles) & Carol Outram
Presentations will consist of an exhibit of work in each of the techniques and a workshop table for participants. Instructions, samples and supply kits will be available.

Saturday JUNE 2, 1PM (Wyman Church, 513 Main)
Sunday JUNE 3, 6PM (Community Centre, 394 Main)

Fesseden Follies Audition Workshop

Clock Master Productions will be holding an open workshop audition. A small section of the play will be workshopped that will feature actors, dancers, singers and audience members.

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Sunday JUNE 3 2PM – 5PM | Parc Jack Layton, 400 Halcro | Free

The Tempest Open Rehearsal Plus

Participants will watch the rehearsal for the upcoming Players Club production of The Tempest. There will be a Q&A and participants will even be encouraged to join in (with script in hand). Adults and children are welcome. If there is rain, the workshop will take place at Shaar Community Centre (394 Main).

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