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The Double discovers Dostoyevsky’s funny side

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“Hey, let’s put on a show right here! How about something by Dostoyevsky!”

To the best of my knowledge, that’s a line never spoken in any of those cheerful old movies, usually starring Mickey Rooney, about fresh-faced youngsters meeting the challenge of summer stock theatre.

Yet here’s Hudson Village Theatre, that summertime company housed in a delightfully picturesque railway station, inviting the great Russian malcontent to come darken their doorstep with this touring adaptation.

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The Double …nothing short of delightful!

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A physical but dark and deeply introspective comedy, “The Double” tells the tale of the tragic but humorous mental disintegration of Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, the downtrodden assistant to the chief clerk in a government office in 19th Century Russia. Albeit polite, proper, and well-established, Golyadkin is a highly distressed man: lonely, distrustful, disturbed, and rather unsure of himself.

In a visit to his German doctor, his internal conflict and anxiety are further revealed and he is told that he needs to get out and enjoy himself. Simple orders, but rather difficult ones to follow when you feel as if the world is constantly conspiring against you.

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