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Billy Joel and Elton John tribute turns spotlight on greatest hits

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Jeff Scott is Elton John. Jeff Brewer is Billy Joel. The two bring their tribute The Piano Men to the Hudson Village Theatre, beginning May 24.

The tribute-band industry is a booming one. People flock to the experience for any number of reasons. Perhaps your favourite artist has died —  think David Bowie or Michael Jackson. Maybe the tickets to hear the real artist are too expensive. Or perhaps your absolute favourite never tours your neck of the woods…. Read the full Article from KATHRYN GREENAWAY, MONTREAL GAZETTE

Hudson Village Theatre_Private Lives
Hudson Village Theatre_Private Lives

The Double discovers Dostoyevsky’s funny side

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“Hey, let’s put on a show right here! How about something by Dostoyevsky!”

To the best of my knowledge, that’s a line never spoken in any of those cheerful old movies, usually starring Mickey Rooney, about fresh-faced youngsters meeting the challenge of summer stock theatre.

Yet here’s Hudson Village Theatre, that summertime company housed in a delightfully picturesque railway station, inviting the great Russian malcontent to come darken their doorstep with this touring adaptation.

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The Double …nothing short of delightful!

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A physical but dark and deeply introspective comedy, “The Double” tells the tale of the tragic but humorous mental disintegration of Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, the downtrodden assistant to the chief clerk in a government office in 19th Century Russia. Albeit polite, proper, and well-established, Golyadkin is a highly distressed man: lonely, distrustful, disturbed, and rather unsure of himself.

In a visit to his German doctor, his internal conflict and anxiety are further revealed and he is told that he needs to get out and enjoy himself. Simple orders, but rather difficult ones to follow when you feel as if the world is constantly conspiring against you.

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Hudson Village Theatre_Private Lives

Gender twist to the Private Lives of Noël Coward

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Hudson Village Theatre will be flipping the male and female roles in Noël Coward’s elegant 1930 comedy of squabbling couples, Private Lives.

One particular line proved a Eureka moment for director Matthew Tiffin as he leafed through a copy of the play. It’s the one where Amanda says “The ‘woman’ — in italics — should always retain a certain amount of alluring feminine mystery for the ‘man’ — also in italics.”

“I didn’t have any agenda or concept in mind,” Tiffin recalls in a phone conversation with the Montreal Gazette. “But as soon as I came to that line, I thought — oh, this might be fun. It just came to me in a flash: what if we have male actors playing the female parts and female actors playing the male parts? Not in a camp way, just reversing the roles.”


Village Theatre AD thriving during second summer

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Village Theatre AD thriving during second summer

Loving chance to showcase classics with a twist Matthew Tiffin is glad to be back in Montreal for his second summer as Artistic Director for the Hudson Village Theatre. Tiffin, who lived in Montreal for seven years before moving west with his wife, commutes from his Toronto home to Hudson every week during the busy summer season. “I love coming back here and even though it involves the drive, I feel in my heart that Montreal is my home,” he said during a recent chat.

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Gender Bender Twist – Private Lives

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When Noel Coward’s Private Lives, one of the most successful comedies ever, was first staged in England back in the early 1930s, it was a shocker. So much so, in fact, that it was almost banned by the censor of the day, Lord Chamberlain, who took umbrage at the fact that one of the female leads not only spoke openly about sex and sexuality, but actually flaunted it.

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Hudson Village Theatre_Private Lives

The Montreal Gazette

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The Ladies’ Foursome (to July 10) is Norm Forster’s kind-of sequel to his The Foursome. In it, three friends meet on the golf course the day after the funeral of a fourth (shades of Cassavetes’s great movie Husbands?). Foster’s trademark witty dialogue (the prolific playwright is often compared to Neil Simon) is given a lift by the addition of a fourth player who knew the deceased but remains an awkward outsider to the group. Alison Darcy directs.

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“Hijinks on the Links” – James Perry Your Local Journal

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LadiesFoursome_YLJPutt it down. And no, that’s not a typo but rather a play on words.  But at a media call earlier this week I had to ask Alison Darcy who is directing Norm Foster’s ‘hijinks on the links’ comedy, The Ladies Foursome, opening tonight Thursday, June 23, at Hudson Village Theatre, whether she and her four cast members were keen golfers.

Laughed Darcy, “Not at all. In fact, while we have all played a round once in a while over the years, it was Eleanor Noble, who had audiences in stitches during HVT’s Wife Begins at Forty two summers ago and who plays Dory, who showed us how to hopefully convince the audience that we are real golfers. If only on the stage.”

Having seen a sneak preview of some scenes on Tuesday, June 21, they sure had me convinced!

First performed and an instant hit at the Upper Canada Village Playhouse in July, 2014, and running at HVT through July 10, it all takes place when a threesome – namely Connie, Margot, and Tate – gathers on the tee with a newcomer, Dory,  to play a round in honour of their recently dearly-departed regular.

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